So the interior is mostly yet unexplored, but we did make it as far as Hope, B.C. and Manning Park recently. The hills mountains take off out there and it’s home to the remains of a huge landslide which moved something like 55 meters of rocks down into what was a valley. Seeing it makes this song sound totally different.


There’s also a much chances for appreciating fog out there. Image


We also met Clark’s Nutcracker, Cascade Golden-MantledGround Squirrel, and Gray Jay (who is called a by several names including a variation of the name of a mythical Boreal forest trickster. In English you’d say Whiskey Jack).




The park also has some incredible lakes blue like the sea tucked away between the mountains.


At one point we had driven up to a view point quite high and were looking down on the valley all coated in deep green fir trees and talking about being small.  Within a few minutes, the echo-y clucks of ravens were heard bouncing off the trees and two turned and landed to check us out. Ravens, also new to me, are smarter than us. They look you up and down can tell things about you like a sage or a grandmother. We’d be tolerated for a bit it seemed when their arrival was followed by the appearance of two nutcrackers who had clearly learned where to get treats up here in the woods. The six of us stood together there and looked around at the world of sky we were lucky enough to join them in for a time.

This was too nice a moment for the camera.

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