The other day I happened on the January issue of one of those young lady magazines where they tell you the best new kind of mascara and what color high heels are in this season. While I was once a real sucker for that sort of thing, I’ve pretty well found the mascara I like and I kinda only go shopping when I need something these days. It’s still fun to look through pages of fancy clothes and pick out things you would actually wear amongst fur vests and wildly patterned pants. Also I so enjoy the Christmas-present-like feeling of opening the folds of perfume ads and smelling the surprise underneath. What I like even better than that is a good horoscope.

Mine said, “2013 will be the beginning of a wave of changes that will last the next three years.” It hinted at internal reflection. It mentioned getting rid of things in a healthy way that would help. It said, get this, I would be preparing for a major move “possibly to another country” forecast for 2016.


Another country?

But I just got here!  Is Canada going to kick us out? Will I be bound for Tahiti? Will the Southern home call us back?

The day after the horoscope incident, Roger Ebert died. I mention this only because, in addition to being one of the first people who taught me to think critically about art (we watched a load of At the Movies as a kid), reading his masterfully written talks on culture and kindness seem to have clarified the mixed emotions I’ve been feeling lately.

In the last month, I had an amazing trip with my sister and then sent her on a plane back in her far away home. I returned to a fun and funky set of Vancouver buddies, but one of my best friends in Florida is heavy in my thoughts. I have taken on new and stimulating work, which means I’ll be saying goodbye to the wonderfully empty schedule I’ve had the last few months. The city is green and pink with the buds of spring. Our quiet little neighborhood is about to be transformed into a loud and busy tourist haven.

2013. The year of Change.

How do I feel? Thankfully, grateful.

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