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Summer Time Hiatus

It’s that time of year again when things call me outdoors, so friends, I regretfully admit that my virtual pen shall remain temporarily down as I head into the sunshine. I tried to keep up this year, but summer bloggin’ is but a unattainable goal.

Adieu till the leaves fall, friends.

Adieu till the leaves fall, friends.

Happy summer to all and will catch you again in when things turn chilly!


30 Cakes (23/30)

So I’m trying to get busy with making sure all my favorite cakes make it into the year. One of those I thought of while cruising the aisles of our nearby grocery, No Frills. When it comes to grocery stores in Vancouver, there’s this kind – cheap prices based on eliminating ‘amenities’ like grocery bagging and nice floors –  and then there’s are Whole-Foods-esque – as in chocked full of fancy mushrooms and helpful staff and very nice floors – boutique ‘urban lifestyle’ boutiques. This makes me miss Publix, the perfectly in-between-the-extremes grocery store Floridians sometimes take for granted. There’s plenty of reasons to miss it, but one is surely Tres Leches cake picked up from the deli. This weekend I made my own version based on a great recipe I found over on Mix and Stir. Not the easiest to make, but certainly worth it.

Three-milks lovely.

Three-milks lovely.


For plenty of reasons, Vancouver is a pretty green city: composting, greenways, community gardens, and Stanley Park (which is the subject of one of a couple of 2013 pet projects) to name a few. A green place that people don’t talk about so much is Camosun Bog located off, you guessed it, Camosun Drive in Point Grey.

It’s one of those places that was meant to disappear like the rest of the undevelop-able parts of the city. A piece of what was once a much larger bog habitat, it remains because a group of people stood up, volunteered to care for the place, and made sure (in work that still goes on every weekend and in writing on this bog blog) that at least this one little part wouldn’t be drained or disturbed.

Bogs are neat because they feel old. Ice age old. Remember that guy they found from thousands of years ago who pretty well looked as is if he’d just gone to sleep in freezer? That was the work of Sphagnum Moss, which has amazing qualities of preservation. It’s thick across the ground, but is easily disturbed. Like almost all little systems in nature, once the moss is uprooted, trees and shrubs move in and the place changes.

There’s also bog blueberries and huckleberries growing within the undulating carpet of green that rolls over rotting log and leftover stump. If you arrive in the morning or the evening thrushes, towhees and warblers can be seen flitting around in the nearby pines. They were mostly asleep in the heat of the July afternoon when I was there last. That emptiness worked to enhance the sort of eerie quality of the place. I’d (once again) forgotten my camera, but I did snap a few  photos on the phone and managed to find a few Instagram settings that seemed to give the appropriate sense of drama.






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This is certainly not something I am the first to notice, but a cool thing about cities is the big differences that a tiny distances can make. Here, a bank with marble columns in the lobby and glass-faced highrises. Down the block, a community garden with sunflowers and turnips. There, a car dealership with gaudy banners there. Here, a boutique with handmade whatnots. While trying to avoid making it into some kind of project, I’ve been turning my photographic focus to places lately. Here’s a few shots I’m happy having captured.  

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