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30 Cakes ( 24 & 25/30)

So, this whole time, since I turned 30 nearly 12months ago, I’ve been foregoing seconds of any type of cake I have already gotten/cooked/or otherwise received. That means no more cheesecake at my  knitting group, no more doughnuts, no more walnut frosted.

I’m preparing to make a concession.

Since moving to Canada, something I’ve really come to enjoy is celebrating two Thanksgivings. One in October, the Canadian one, doesn’t have any of the normal family obligation for us so we usually take advantage by doing something a little out of the ordinary. Black and white monster movies from the 1940s, turkey dinner at a diner, naps and Indian delivery, these kinds of things. The last few years, we’ve been taken in by our Canadian buddies and treated to incredible vegetarian feasts of squash and oh-so-incredible tofurkey. One thing I’m sure to have twice is pumpkin pie.


Leftovers from the “Canadian” feast with a Charley Harper puzzle – sounds like Thanksgiving to me.

Now that we’re on our way towards American Thanksgiving, formerly known as “Thanksgiving”, I think I’ll go ahead and give number __ to another round of this holiday classic. With every day this week at regular work hours, scrambling to make some sort of acceptable mini feast for ourselves, and make the most of the weird, electronic connection to our families that Skype will offer, I think a little comforting repetition is in order.

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Tips from a Jazz Kitchen just in time for Thanksgiving

Not long ago, I wrote about how many hobbies I’d picked up since moving to Vancouver and since I’ve had a small desire to streamline some of them. For one, I’m going to shut down, or at least stop posting to, my blog about food called Jazz Kitchen. I’d started it in the hopes of figuring out what kind of cook I was and, in defining a set of rules for the kitchen, I think I did. Now I feel like running a separate blog from the kitchen might be a bit much. I’ll repost some of the highlights over the next few months, and then keep up with anything new and interesting from the kitchen here.

Thanks to everybody who checked out the good vibes of stress-free cooking, inspiration, and improvisation of Jazz Kitchen. I’ll see you around here from now on. In celebration of Thanksgiving this week, here’s a re-post of my de-stressed Thanksgiving dinner summary last year –

Originally Published over on Jazz Kitchen on Nov. 22, 2012

– Thankful for Rule #1 –

Today I’m thankful for food on the table and, frankly, the table itself. We  Also for my mom for relentlessly keeping us well-fed every day and for passing on her rational curiosity for food and cooking. On tonight’s menu: roast turkey, home made cranberry sauce, my sister’s version of green bean casserole, sweet potatoes (southern style, as in, with the marshmallows) and a pumpkin pie.

Roasty, toasty.

Roasty, toasty.

This is the perfect day to begin this blog project as Thanksgiving can encapsulate everything fun and good about cooking. You know the food, you can plan in advance, you have room to play with tradition and ultimately you’ll be feeding people you love. I realize that for some, it’s more like hours and hours of prep work and a kitchen full of chaos, but this brings us to Rule #1.Although it’s part of many recipes, I say it’s OK to Skip the Added Stress in your cooking.

Cooking for a large group is hard and can get complicated, but part of this rule entails not taking on more than you can manage. Budget appropriately and don’t decide to try something requiring skills you don’t have. I’m not making a whole turkey cause this year there will only be two of us. This means that instead of the stuffing that I do love, I’ll actually end up with more time to prep casseroles and have a glass of wine. The celery sticks with cream cheese that are always a part of mom’s dinner also got the ax because I don’t see myself cutting up and dressing individual sticks and I don’t really have the fridge space to do it advance. Leftovers are great, but I’m only making half portions so we don’t have them for ages. These decisions made shopping easier and will eliminate frustration during cooking and clean up too. Best of all, the dinner is still going to be delicious!

Turkey for two.

Turkey for two.

Here’s the plan:

Home from work at 4:45 (in Canada now so no time off today!)

Potatoes in the oven – sweet ones just stabbed with a fork and in foil, savory ones cut in half then bathed in a little olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano.

Turkey prepped with a good rinse and dry then a salt and pepper and butter rub with rosemary under the skin. This will probably be about an hour or so in the oven as it’s a smaller size but will need to check on that as we go.

Cranberries cooked up following this recipe. I was super excited about quite a few other ones out there many of which called for liquors, uncommon spices or soaking over night. I’m aiming for simplicity here so this should be a good basic recipe to start with – the more steps and the longer the ingredient list the more time you should give yourself.

I already prepared the pumpkin (split, gutted, roasted with brown sugar for about an hour) so the pie will be home-made delicious and a cinch. The author of this recipe cut out the crust for calorie concerns; I’m more excited about the time it will save!

Two cans of green beans + one can of classic Campbell’s mushroom + s&p into a casserole. This just needs to warm up a bit so it gets last priority in the tiny oven. A few of those crispy onions on top and broil.

Potatoes out – sweet ones mixed with sugars and maple syrup and topped with jiffy puff and then broiled for a few minutes. Savory ones are ready to go.


Lovely, lumpy marshmallows.

Herbs in the oven.

Herbs in the oven.

Then just a few slices of yummy bread, glasses of wine or maybe cider, and time to call mom back home.
What do you think… Thanksgiving dinner by 7:30? :) Happy Thanksgiving to all!


 (with my thanks to a very good friend and dinner guest for taking these photos of dinner and being there to celebrate!) 
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